Photography was a part of family life growing up.  Dad loved photography and a home darkroom was a permanent fixture in our house.  I was rarely without a camera as a child and took a lot of pictures. I admit that with very few exceptions, they were all bad!

But those early family influences coupled with the dramatic images of wildlife and scenes from around the world in publications such as National Geographic and Life Magazine fueled the dream of becoming an accomplished photographer. By 16, I’d attended workshops offered by the local photography studio, learning enough to graduate from using an automatic camera to one of Dad’s old 35mm rangefinders.  With these new-found skills, I landed my first gig taking photos for my high school yearbook.

With a true love of nature, I chose to pursue a career outdoors, studying wildlife conservation at Louisiana Tech University.  My interest in photography remained however, and at Christmas during my first year of college, my parents gave me my own 35mm Minolta camera. It was the best Christmas gift I had ever received and truly a gift that would keep on giving!

In 1983, after college graduation and a wedding, my wife, Leigh, and I moved to Beaufort, South Carolina. Launching headlong into married life, careers and eventually, raising children, photography took a bit back seat for a while.  Eventually, our kid’s involvement in sports rekindled my photographic passion and there’s been no looking back. Motivated to hone the craft, I once again followed in my father’s footsteps, enrolling in The New York Institute of Photography, completing their course in professional photography. 

I enjoy exploring many different photographic genre but have a special interest in fine art landscapes.

I currently show my work at galleries in Bluffton, SC and Hot Springs, AR, and travel the southeast attending juried fine art shows.  I’m proud to say that my photographs have won numerous awards and hang in private collections throughout the United States and in Europe.  In addition to my work in fine art photography, I provide photography instruction and professional digital photo printing.


2017 ArtPop Beaufort - Winning entry: “Morning Dreams”

2017 Fernandina Beach Fine Art Festival - Judges Choice: “Starry Night on the South End”

2016 New York Institute of Photography - Second Place: “Worlds Apart”

2015 Fine Art Center of Hot Springs, AR - Honorable Mention: “Port Royal Fleet at Dawn”