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Digital Photography Fundamentals

Are you a new digital camera owner?  Do you want to learn how to take creative control of your camera and take better photographs?  Designed for beginners, the class Digital Photography Fundamentals will give participants the knowledge necessary to move the camera out of automatic mode, choose the proper exposure and other camera settings for a variety of shooting situations and take great, creative photos.  Class topics include:

  • The Exposure Triangle - Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO
  • Understanding the Camera's Histogram
  • The Camera Sensor and How It "Sees"
  • Metering Modes
  • Focusing Modes
  • RAW vs JPEG Image Recording Modes
  • Post-processing

CLASS DATES:  To see the list of scheduled classes, click HERE

COST:  $35

CLASS SIZE:  Class size is limited to allow for individual instruction.

CLASS DURATION:  Approximately 90 minutes allowing time for questions and answers.

MATERIALS:  For the class you will need a digital camera capable of being set to a fully manual mode, charged battery, memory card, the camera's owners/operation manual and note taking material.

PRIVATE LESSONS:  Private lessons are also available for $50 per 90 minute session.