Don't Look in the Mirror!

A frequent question I get at galleries & art shows is what kind of camera I shoot. I also routinely hear people exclaim, after looking at my work, that I must have a really good camera. The question usually results in some engaging conversation while the statement probably yields a somewhat blank stare more often than not because it thrusts to the forefront the age old argument that it’s the photographer that creates a great image, not the camera. Right? Well maybe, because if it were completely true, every currently famous pro photographer who had to buy their own gear would be out there right now clicking away with a $300 camera versus one that cost several thousand dollars or more. So, albeit of lesser importance than creative vision, gear does matter.

So, when I decided that I wanted to be able to produce larger prints and canvas without undue sacrifice to the quality of the end product, I decided it was time to look into higher resolution camera bodies. As a long time Canon shooter, I took a look at their near medium format, 50 megapixel offerings, the 5DS & 5DSR. Image quality seemed impressive but reviews of their low light, high ISO performance were less than inspiring especially considering my fondness for photographing the Milky Way. Looking at the Nikon lineup was out of the question as I simply could not justify a total system change. Enter the Sony Alpha series cameras, particularly the Sony A7rIII.

Yes, a Sony mirrorless has joined the family! With wonderful high ISO performance and a 42 megapixel imaging sensor it seems to be just what I was looking for in a new camera body. I can also still use my Canon lenses on the A7rIII by way of an adapter. That’s a big plus! There is a lot of technology wrapped up in this little marvel that my Canon DSLRs just do not have so there is a learning curve in front of me. That’s all right though as it adds to the fun!

Though I have no intention of ditching my Canon gear, I’ll be spending less time looking in the mirror in the future!

Portrait and Event Photography

Although I am best known for my work in landscape and wildlife photography, I also offer portrait and event photography services.  David M. Shipper Photography can help you create lasting memories of you Lowcountry vacation with a wonderful family beach portrait session.  With so much natural beauty in the Lowcountry, there are many locations to choose from for family portraits.  If you would like current photos of yourself to remember milestone in your life or for that special someone, individual portrait sessions are also available.  I also provide on location senior portraits and engagement portraits.

I also provide event photography services.  For anything from a sporting event to a small private party, my event photography service allows you to focus on fun while I capture the fun and excitement with professional event photographs.

Learn more about my portrait photography here.

Digital Photography Fundamentals

After multiple requests and lots of deliberation, I am happy to announce that I am offering beginners photography classes. The first class, Digital Photography Fundamentals, is designed for those new to photography and beginners who would like to learn how to operate their cameras in manual mode. For more information and to register for this fun, informative class, please visit my website at:

The Keyserling General Store

The Keyserling General Store, c. 1880, is located on the McLeod Farmstead in northern Beaufort County.  Farmed extensively prior to the Civil War, this property was a significant part of the truck farming economy that spread through the region beginning in the late 1800s and is one of the best examples of a truck farming complex in the state that is still in existence.

My New Project

I've kicked around ideas for a photo project for a couple of years.  Inspired by my dad's work in black and white photography with medium format cameras, I've decided on the direction I want to take.  Although I'll be using my modern camera, it will be a fun journey into a new style of real, classic photography.

The Jedi Photographer

I am a photographer like my father before me!  In fact, the photography "Force" runs strong in my entire family!  My sister, brother and even my youngest son have a penchant for photography.  More than once, I have pondered the possibility that Dad's exposure to darkroom chemicals before he and Mom had us kids is somehow responsible for this phenomenon.

I've even joked that photography is the Shipper family's super power, much like the Amazing Spiderman, except with cameras!  My sister, a naturally gifted portrait photographer, is very close to fulfilling her dream of having her own studio.  My brother  has "the eye" to create beautiful, artful images from the everyday things all around us.  My son, the "photo Jedi in training",  is majoring in Media Arts with a minor in photography at the University of South Carolina.

In reality, my brother, sister and I were simply blessed with phenomenal parents!  They loved, nurtured and encouraged us in all things.  The examples they set, the lessons they taught us and the inspiration they provided have served us well!

Love, encourage and inspire!  Share your passion!  Be a "Jedi"!

My First Blog Post

There are a lot of big changes coming this year for David M. Shipper Photography!  Not only am I creating a brand new website and online store that will provide a much better user interface for visitors and customers, I am in the planning stages of  developing a class for new DSLR owners who want to take creative control of their new cameras.  Additionally, as I've been asked numerous times if I would take folks on nature and wildlife photography field trips, I will likely plan a trip to one of the nearby wildlife management areas for class participants or others who are interested.  Finally,  I've also begun to actively promoting the portrait and event photography services I have been providing upon request for the last couple of years.  It's going to be an exciting year!