The Jedi Photographer

I am a photographer like my father before me!  In fact, the photography "Force" runs strong in my entire family!  My sister, brother and even my youngest son have a penchant for photography.  More than once, I have pondered the possibility that Dad's exposure to darkroom chemicals before he and Mom had us kids is somehow responsible for this phenomenon.

I've even joked that photography is the Shipper family's super power, much like the Amazing Spiderman, except with cameras!  My sister, a naturally gifted portrait photographer, is very close to fulfilling her dream of having her own studio.  My brother  has "the eye" to create beautiful, artful images from the everyday things all around us.  My son, the "photo Jedi in training",  is majoring in Media Arts with a minor in photography at the University of South Carolina.

In reality, my brother, sister and I were simply blessed with phenomenal parents!  They loved, nurtured and encouraged us in all things.  The examples they set, the lessons they taught us and the inspiration they provided have served us well!

Love, encourage and inspire!  Share your passion!  Be a "Jedi"!